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Sit back and enjoy the show...


When you book a Squiggle Stress Free Party, that's exactly what it is - STRESS FREE!


The party starts before the party starts. At least 30 minutes before the "official" start time to be precise. Squiggle will arrive nice an early to put your mind at ease, run through how the party will run, meet the birthday child and set up.


The party is full of audience participation (Yes even the adults love it and get involved!), and is cleverly structured with a mixture of magic, music and games all delivered in that unique Squiggle way.


The children have a ball! Of course the birthday child is centre stage throughout, but there are plenty of opportunities for lots of their friends to get involved in the magic and fun. The balance between group and individual participation has been developed over many years of entertaining children which has resulted in a magical recipe which WORKS.


The whole party is coordinated, and all you need to do is feed the children, hand out the party bags and enjoy the show!


All the children will also receive a balloon sculpture of their choice to take away with them.


The perfect party.


That's Squiggle Magic.


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