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Sadly there are many people who think that they can entertain children. People who think that entertaining children is easy. This is of course far from the truth!


Children are far less forgiving that adults! If they are bored, they will simply walk away and do something else. If they think something is rubbish, then they will say so! Most parents will have been to a party where the children are running riot, where the entertainer has no control and the parents are getting stressed out. Well this isn't the case at a Squiggle Magic Party.


We are looking for potential franchisees to deliver Squiggle Magic and save children from boring and dull parties, and let the parents relax! We are looking for people who are;


  • Bubbly, fun, confident and don't mind acting the fool!
  • Willing to learn and have a good work ethic
  • Looking for a business which is fun and flexible, that can be full or part time, and able to fit around their work or family commitments?
  • In possession of a car and can drive!
  • Able to be fully DBS checked
  • A big kid at heart!


Sound like you? If so then why not request a prospectus which outlines the Squiggle Magic Franchise.




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