Squiggle Magic is the creation of Sean Goodman. From the age of ten, Sean had always wanted to be a magician – sometimes dreams do become a reality.


Sean is a full-time professional magician, and member of the prestigious Magic Circle. He has been entertaining children for over 20 years, performing as Sean Squiggle.


The Squiggle act was developed when Sean was based in Hertfordshire, and he quickly found that as Mr Squiggle became so popular, sadly many parties had to be turned away due to him already being booked. It was then that Sean met Sally (not when Harry met Sally!), and trained her to do his show.


Sally became known as Sally Squiggle, and was an instant success. This success wasn't down to her magical skills, but it was down to her fun bubbly personality, her drive and determination, and of course down to the fact that she was copying a proven party structure. Squiggle Magic was born!


Now, over ELEVEN years on, Sally is still going strong. She now has three children (she was on maternity leave with her first daughter when she started) and has found that her Squiggle Magic business has fitted perfectly around her and her family commitments.


So if you are like Sally - looking for a fun and flexible business then check out the Franchise Section of this website.


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